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Facial Expressions

Hundreds of thousands of diverse facial expressions worldwide, capturing 37+ expressions with distinct self-reported meanings

ModalitiesFacial expression
Participants2,000+ Male, 2,000+ Female
EmotionsAmusement, Anger, Awe, Boredom, Concentration, Confusion, Contemplation, Contempt, Contentment, Desire, Disappointment, Disgust, Distress, Doubt, Ecstasy, Elation, Embarrassment, Fear, Interest, Love, Pain, Pride, Realization, Relief, Sadness, and 4 more
NationalitiesUS, China, India, Venezuela, Ethiopia, South Africa
Emotion Ratings48 emotion categories, free response, valence and arousal
Relevant publicationsWhat the face displays: Mapping 28 emotions conveyed by naturalistic expressionSixteen facial expressions occur in similar contexts worldwideFacial movements have over twenty dimensions of perceived meaning that are only partially captured with traditional methods
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