The empathic AI platform for researchers and developers

Scientific, ethical, and state-of-the-art tools for technology that are improving human well-being

Science-backed measures of emotional behavior

Our work supports and draws upon cutting-edge science that documents how humans experience and express over 30 distinct emotions

No one can “detect” emotion (read minds), so we use statistics to ask what expressions mean to the people making them

Our data-driven science represents real emotional behavior with 3x more precision than traditional approaches

We use scientific control and globally diverse data to remove biases that are entrenched in most AI models

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Published in leading scientific journals

NatureTrends In Cognitive SciencesPNASNature Human BehaviorScience Advances

Unprecedented datasets and algorithms capturing a broader spectrum of emotional expression

Emotional awareness for prosocial AI

We provide the tools needed to bring empathy to voice assistants, digital health apps, social networks, and more

Train digital assistants to detect when users seem preoccupied, confused, lonely, bored, or stressed

Design algorithms that enhance people’s emotional well-being on social networks

Develop apps that empower awareness and action in tracking mental and physical health

Guide awe-inspiring educational experiences using real-time feedback

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Hume AI is a research lab and technology company. Our mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence is built to serve human goals and emotional well-being.

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