The Feelings Lab02/14/2022

The Feelings Lab Episode 13: Well-being in a Remote World02/14/2022

The Feelings Lab Episode 13: Well-being in a Remote World

In a world where most of our social interactions are remote and automated systems increasingly orchestrate our digital lives, Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema joins us to discuss how we can measure well-being and ensure people are cared for.

In a world of remote living, how can we ensure people are cared for? Join Hume CEO Dr. Alan Cowen, Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema, renowned psychologist Dr. Dacher Keltner, and host Matt Forte as they discuss how we can track well-being in a remote world. Defining "well-being" turns out to be more important than ever—not just for humans, but for the automated systems that increasingly orchestrate our digital lives.

First listen to Dr. Alan Cowen, John Gerzema, and Dr. Dacher Keltner discuss the diversity of experiences and the richness of emotions at play in defining one's sense of well-being.

Next, near The Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema discusses recent data on how the pandemic and remote work have affected people's emotions, including statistics suggesting that certain groups including BIPOC women feel more relaxed, happier, and more confident working remotely.

And hear Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen discusses how new technologies accelerated by AI have played an essential role in keeping our well-being intact throughout the pandemic, fostering social connectedness and enabling us to thrive in a remote workplace.

All this and more can be found in our full episode, available on Apple and Spotify

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