The Feelings Lab03/29/2022

The Feelings Lab Ep 18: Aesthetic Appreciation and Fine Art03/29/2022

The Feelings Lab Ep 18: Aesthetic Appreciation and Fine Art

How close is AI to understanding art? Kathy Tafel, Senior Director of Engineering at Artsy—the world's largest online art marketplace—joins us to discuss how AI tools for artists, curators, brokers, and more are democratizing the world of fine art.

Join Dr. Alan Cowen, CEO of Hume, and Kathy Tafel, Senior Director of Engineering at Artsy, as they discuss "Aesthetic Appreciation & Fine Art." What is aesthetic appreciation, and how does visual art evoke emotion? How close is AI to understanding our aesthetic feelings? Will AI bring art curation to the masses? Will AI ever be able to generate paintings on par with those of Rembrandt, Monet, and Frida Kahlo? Why is it that uniqueness and ownership imbue art with a special aura, and can NFTs really bring that aura to digital art? We debate how technology can bring more aesthetic appreciation into our digitally connected world.

Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen shares findings from the first large-scale quantitative examination of the feelings evoked by art, including aesthetically complex and nuanced emotions that go well beyond "everyday" expressions of feeling. The study revealed 25 different emotions people linked to artworks they experienced and plotted these feelings on an interactive map, grouping artworks that triggered specific emotions:

Later hear Kathy Tafel explain how Artsy combines machine learning with human curatorial expertise to make personalized recommendations for art.

Then hear Dr. Alan Cowen and Kathy Tafel discuss their hopes for how AI will transform the art world.

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