The Feelings Lab05/10/2022

The Feelings Lab Episode 21: Pain and Personalized Medicine05/10/2022

The Feelings Lab Episode 21: Pain and Personalized Medicine

Pain is subjective, but its diagnosis can have life-altering implications. Dr. Daniel Barron, Harvard psychiatrist and Director of Pain Intervention & Digital Research, joins us to discuss how objective measures of emotional expression can improve outcomes for patients.

Join Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen, Dr. Daniel Barron, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist and Director of the Pain Intervention & Digital Research Program, and Matt Forte as they discuss pain and personalized medicine. Different people express and describe their pain differently, but how these signals are understood can have life-altering implications. We discuss the different kinds of pain: acute vs. chronic pain, central vs. peripheral, the enigma of phantom limb pain, and how physicians evaluate pain syndromes and their treatment. Can pain be measured objectively? Is there a role for quantitative tools in treating pain? Can AI help us reduce bias in how pain is diagnosed and treated?

We begin with psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Barron and Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen discussing how culture affects the way people think about, describe, and express their pain.

Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Barron discusses the need for tools to help patients communicate their pain symptoms to doctors.

Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Barron discusses how we can zero in on the data that will help physicians measure pain symptoms in a more unbiased, objective, and personalized fashion.

Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen and psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Barron explain how digital tools that surface quantitative information could help clinicians arrive at more reliable recommendations for patients.

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