The Feelings Lab05/31/2022

The Feelings Lab Episode 22: Listener Questions + Emotion Science News05/31/2022

The Feelings Lab Episode 22: Listener Questions + Emotion Science News

In this episode, we address our best pod-listener questions: Do video calls suppress creativity? Is expressing your emotions good for your mental health? Is there a Western bias in emotion science? Do lobsters have emotions?

Join Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen and podcast host Matt Forte as they venture through the best pod-listener questions we've received so far this season: a veritable emotion science "mailbag." Can people who understand the emotions of others better interpret emotions conveyed through music? How should we responsibly address the ethics around emotion AI data collection and usage? Is there a healthy level of emotional expressivity conducive to emotional well-being? Are video calls bad for brainstorming? Do lobsters or hermit crabs have feelings? Tune in to hear the answer to these questions and more.

We begin with Dr. Alan Cowen, Hume AI CEO, and Matt Forte discussing recent scientific findings regarding video calls and how they change the way we think and communicate.

Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen and Matt Forte discuss how scientists grapple with emotional experience in animals, going back to Darwin's observations of "purposeless behaviors" among animals which he attributed to emotional expression.

Dr. Alan Cowen, CEO of Hume AI, describes The Hume Initiative, a not-for-profit developing concrete guidelines for the use of empathic AI.

Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen and Matt Forte discuss how expressing emotion may be critical to our mental health and well-being and to healthy relationships.

Does the use of English-language terms to describe emotions contribute a Western bias in emotion science and empathic AI? Dr. Alan Cowen shares the importance of cross-cultural data.

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